Increasing Your Win Rate Workshop

Increasing Your Win Rate


  • Custom advice on how to close and or expand a specific “live” opportunity
  • Strategy and action planning to accelerate the process
  • Support and ideas from a seasoned deal expert

Increasing Your Win Rate Workshop Overview

The Opportunity Acceleration sessions are hands-on, customized working sessions specifically designed to help a sales person, manager or sales team accelerate the closing of a current deal, and/or increase its scale.

The sales person, manager and/or team receive outside advice and expertise aimed at finding strategic and tactical actions that will help them to close/expand the deal.

Leaders and Participants include:

  • An external coach with deep expertise in creating and positioning value propositions with senior business and technology executives.
  • An external executive – a C-Level business executive from a major company who provides the client point-of-view on the opportunity
  • The sales person’s manager who can direct the sales person to the required internal resources and stakeholders necessary to move the deal forward and support them following the workshop
  • Other team members, such as brand specialists or architects.

For the session, the account lead and team present an overview of the client situation, focusing on specific issues that are seen as impediments to closing the deal. This will include a review of the value proposition that is being presented to the client. The coaches and manager if present then helps account team identify potential roadblocks, and solutions to overcome them. The account team leaves with insights on how to significantly increase their chances of success and an action plan to do so.