Selling Digital Transformation Services

Consulting Services, Learning Programs, Coaching, and On-Demand Support to Sell Digital Transformation

Our clients now understand how we create possibilities and enable their perpetual digital transformation.” — Client

Selling Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is not a one-time event. Because they must contend with continually changing circumstances in the marketplace, organizations must perpetually anticipate and master capabilities that may not currently exist, then sustain regenerative activities forever.

The functions involved in these transformations span across strategy, marketing, operations, sales, communications, IT, research and development, and others – and cannot engage each other or succeed as silos. Interactions and decision-making hierarchies and processes need to be re-ordered to fluidly respond to emerging market needs, preferences, buying patterns, relationships, and communication modalities.

For companies selling digital transformation services, a different quality, quantity and frequency of interaction and conversations with the client’s leadership and these functional heads is needed. Most representatives of companies selling digital transformation services – even the best of them – are lacking in their ability to effectively lead these conversations with their clients.

SGA is a world leader in how to sell digital transformation services.

 SGA’s full range of proven services equips the senior representatives of our client organizations with the competence and confidence to effectively engage the senior executives of their client organizations regarding their strategic and operational challenges. We enable our client representatives to start new conversations with senior executives and stakeholders. These are not presentations of packaged services, but rather discussions about the issues involved, developing multi-faceted relationships and sets of activities to co-invent the client’s optimal future.

To support our clients in this realm, SGA has devised a spectrum of consulting services, learning programs, coaching capabilities, and on-demand support. This array of deliverables is globally flexible, fluid and tailorable so that our clients get the information and enablement they need When, Where, and How they need it.