Meeting C-Level Expectations Workshop

Intended for client-facing individuals tasked with selling to the C-Suite.

Meeting C-Level Expectations


The course is designed to improve the capability of client-facing individuals to depict the value of their products and services in terms that are relevant and appealing to their clients’ business executives.

This course strengthens salesperson/client manager capabilities in three areas:

  • Understanding their clients’ key business issues
  • Mapping their products and services to those issues
  • Understanding how to depict the value of their offerings to senior executives in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

Meeting C-Level Expectations Workshop Outcomes

Meeting C-Level Expectations is designed around two business cases and one current client case interspersed with interactive discussions on key frameworks. Each 1 day session can accommodate up to 24 participants, although 18-20 is ideal.

  • The first written case exposes participants to the overall expectations that C-Level executives have for a meeting. Participants working in small teams design a meeting, and get feedback from a senior executive (CXO) on his/her reactions to those meeting approaches.
  • The second written case introduces participants to a six-element framework for value propositions. Participants in small teams develop a value proposition presentation to the CXO and receive feedback on impact, clarity, relevance, credibility, and differentiation.
  • The current client case allows participants to each work on one of their own live client situations, using what they have learned in the course to that point. They present to the CXO and receive feedback and coaching.



Martin Toogood, former CEO General Merchandise at Kingfisher and C-Level consultant to, talking about conveying a relevant value proposition in under 15 minutes.

(3 minute excerpt recorded during a workshop)

Conveying a Relevant Value Proposition in Under 15 Minutes

by Martin Toogoog | CEO General Merchandise at Kingfisher

Immediate Deployment

One of the benefits of Meeting C-Level Expectations is that the work done on the current client case is immediately applicable to a situation that the participants have in front of them when they return from the course.

The lessons learned about leadership priorities and needs have changed how I work with C-level executives.