Leadership Communications Skills

For Leaders, Top Teams, and Sellers

C-Suite Leadership Training: Communication Skills


Universally relevant to : Leaders, Top Teams and Client-facing Sellers

Delivers: Communication tools, immediate and permanently actionable insights

The backbone of communications and influence at the leadership level

Interpersonal intelligence is a game changer. It forms the backbone of communications and influence at the leadership level. It can make the difference between success and failure in both alignment and gaining crucial executive sponsorship.

SGA CSuite.com’s highly developed Interpersonal Intelligence model transforms complex human data into practical, actionable insight.

The session includes pre-session profiling to expand self-awareness. The topics covered strengthen communication and leadership skills, enabling participants to more effectively motivate, appeal to, and build alignment with others.


The premises of Interpersonal Intelligence – the foundations, integrity, reliability, and most effective applications of the workshop’s concepts

Discovering how others experience us – individualized feedback and insight regarding your interpersonal preferences

Identifying other peoples’ priorities – the reliable indicators of interpersonal priorities and how you can recognize them

Enhancing productivity – how individual and team productivity is significantly influenced by attention to others’ interpersonal preferences

Increasing versatility – by making a range of adaptations to others’ interpersonal priorities, we demonstrate how you can improve productivity, influence, and effectiveness with others

Interpersonal Intelligence is such a profoundly human skill that it transcends cultural and market differences