Strategic Leadership Program

C-Suite Leadership Training: Strategic Leadership


Powerful Clarity. Confidence. Accelerated Growth.

At key moments, leaders act less on the basis of their plans, and more on how they think. SGA’s proven process enables leaders to make day-to-day decisions in shared support of an agreed body of thinking as to how their organization will make and keep a promise of differentiated value.

As a result of the Strategic Leadership program, Leadership is provided with:

  • An optimal strategy, drawn from the collective intelligence of key leaders, stakeholders and subject-matter experts, tailored to each client’s specific needs, circumstances and characteristics.
  • Priorities and action plans in place to ensure that this strategy will be successfully implemented.
  • Shared language, mental models, and processes for communicating the strategy, and managing and leading the business to significantly higher levels of performance.

SGA’s tailored process to align leadership’s thinking, capabilities, and activities to ensure growth.

1. INTERVIEWS WITH KEY LEADERS This initial activity is essential to earning the trust of the key stakeholders. They need to know that a competent team and process are being engaged, and that their perspectives and interests are understood and will be included in shaping the future. It is during this time that their questions are answered, and they begin to enroll in and support the process.

2. SURVEY OF KEY STAKEHOLDERS These surveys are circulated to the leadership team and an agreed larger constituency to gain a full understanding of the range of perspectives and insights that exist. The key here is to both know and consider these perspectives AND to send the message that those who will be responsible for the changes to come have influenced the direction of the organization. This step significantly accelerates the successful implementation of the new direction and priorities.

3. THEMATIC ANALYSIS OF DATA The data gathered from these surveys and interviews is necessarily voluminous. This thematic analysis enables the leadership to distinguish between where there is alignment or shared thinking and those perspectives that while in the minority might warrant their attention. The result is an informed test-bed of thinking that will be referenced in the upcoming workshop. NOTE: It is also at this stage that we assess the possible need for additional subject-matter expertise or research.

4. OPTIMAL FUTURE STRATEGIC PROFILE WORKSHOP This core event takes place over three days. Structured exercises direct teams to review portions of the data and or research, and present and then debate their best thinking with other members of the leadership team. In this fashion a complete and considered understanding is developed regarding relevant aspects of the organization’s current state, emerging environment, and optimal future state. The critical issues that must be addressed and the capabilities that must be developed are then agreed.

5. THINKING TESTED AND REFINED These elements are then tested against the database and research to refine and strengthen the plans. Preventive and contingency measures are identified to minimize risks and priorities are established.

6. STRATEGIC INITIATIVES LAUNCHED AND MANAGED Implementation programs are organized and assigned to Task Forces who then develop detailed plans to execute the strategy, including, as appropriate, the management processes that will oversee progress, coordinate interdependencies and resourcing, and build the needed confidence that what has been agreed will be successfully implemented.

Our Clients repeatedly reference this process as responsible for remarkable increases in Shareholder Value.