or Video Conferencing

In-Person or Video Conferencing

Ideally suited for situations where participants are geographically spread out, travel is restricted, or gathering in a single location would otherwise be impossible.

For over 20 years, we have been developing and providing our clients with a range of virtual and remote delivery options, from free-standing webinars to virtual classrooms featuring a range of interactive tools and experiences.

Virtual classroom environments are tailored for each event, to enable participants to hear from each other, respond to presentations and discussions, and as needed, post their responses, take polls, vote, see instantaneous results, and influence the course of the discussions.

For our workshops that include simulations with senior executives (CXOs), these can be conducted in virtual team rooms with CXOs.

Whether the focus of the workshop is Leading, Teaming, or Selling to the C-Suite, participants agree that, based on their experience, these platforms substantially preserve the richness and learning impact of our in-person programs.