SGA C-Suite Videos

For convenience, all video and audio clips used throughout our website can be found on this page.

Brad Stackhouse, Founder & CEO speaking about the research that revealed what makes the critical difference. Mindset not skill set.

Kendra Hajek, speaking about the significance of Interpersonal Intelligence for leaders.

Andrew Emig, speaking about built-in unpredictability to accelerate learning.

Brad Stackhouse, explaining the crucial role of a Portable Story in gathering consensus against a backdrop of risk mitigation.

Cannon Garber, Founder and President summarizes SGA’s approach to building resilience from within the organization by enabling responsiveness to change.

John Plow, speaking about our work in Growth Markets.

Werner von Pein, CXO for SGA’s Global Network speaking about participant transformation through the Leadership Lens..

Brad Stackhouse, speaking about the value of structuring extreme learning situations for advancing experienced client-facing individuals.

John Plow, speaking about the strategic advantage of feedback from the executives your organization wants to be successful with.

Frank Prevost, speaking about our approach to enhancing customer service.

Cannon Garber, Founder & President speaking about cross-cultural relevance and impact of SGA’s methodologies.


Martin Toogood (C-Level consultant to SGA Talking about conveying a relevant value proposition in under 15 minutes. (3 minute excerpt recorded during a workshop)