Selling to the C-Suite, Executive Coaching and CXO Development
Goal Driver, Results Oriented

The ability to be effective and relevant with C-Level executives is a critical strategic capability for B2B companies

Masters Driven Sales

Our Masters Driven Selling program is the gold standard for creating significant revenue improvements through dramatic increases in sales and client management capability at the C-Level

The breadth of our domain

SGA is a global company. With clientele spread across a rich, diverse range of industries in over 30 countries, SGA is well equipped to work on any scale

It’s a “high peak to scale” – a capability that most companies find daunting and continuously elusive, because the dynamics of C-Suite mastery are poorly understood. We understand them.

Refined with thousands of participants since 2003 in over 25 countries worldwide, the Masters Driven Selling workshop is now adopted by global clients as their premier developmental and client management activity.

SGA’s client roster spans numerous and varied industries, including a wide array of Fortune 500 companies that utilize our breakthrough approach. Headquartered in New Canaan, Connecticut, SGA's network of professionals is based throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Workshop Video: Making an Impact

Insight on Selling to the

Martin Toogood, former CEO General Merchandise at Kingfisher and now C-Level consultant to SGA, speaks at an SGA workshop about what it takes to have an impact on C-Level executives.

Review our list of other SGA C-Level consultants in the C-Level Selling section.

Why most C-Suite programs fail

Learn more about C-Suite Executives, C-Suite DefinitionWe help business teams develop powerful strategies to drive the success of their organizations, to align powerfully around those strategies, and to move quickly into effective action. Learn more about the SGA difference.

SGA is committed to environmental stewardshipSGA is committed to environmental stewardship and maintains an active environmental management program. Read more about our dedication.